S. No.TitleCurrent Stage of the TechnologyPatent InformationCost InformationVideoOther InformationDownload PDF
A. 1 Pur All online water purification device PDF
A. 2 Capacitive Deionization Technology (CDI) using carbon aerogel material PDF
A. 3 Water on the Wheels-Jal Doot PDF
A. 4 Solar Operated / Stand Alone Ground Water Treatment Plant PDF
A. 5 Jal-TARA Water Filter PDF
A. 6 Aqua + and Antenna WATA Technology PDF
A. 7 P & G sachets for purification of water for drinking purpose PDF
A. 8 Supremus Aqua standalone water purification system PDF
A. 9 Disinfection by Electro chlorination PDF
A. 10 Water Treatment by Electro Static Deionization (ESD) Technology PDF
A. 11 Water Treatment using nanofilteration (NF) membrane PDF
A. 12 UV based water treatment system PDF
A. 13 Water Treatment with R.O and UV radiation PDF
A. 14 Meter Reading (AMR) solution for water metering PDF
A. 15 Water Mind System PDF
A. 16 Water ATM based Hub-and- Spokes Model for safe water delivery PDF
A. 17 Water Purification Plant for flood & Relief System PDF
A. 18 Integrated Drinking Water disinfection system with solar pumping and water disinfection by UV PDF
A. 19 Integrated Drinking Water disinfection system with solar pumping and water disinfection by Electro chlorination PDF
A. 20 Removal of Iron contamination by using specific Ion-Exchange Resins PDF
A. 21 CSIR-NEERI Electrolytic De fluoridation (EDF)’ OXIMAX Systems PDF
A. 22 Iron and Arsenic removal OXIMAX Systems PDF
Patent filed : Patent Application Number 1529/CHE/2010
Patent granted : Patent Number 200767
Water Cost : 4.00
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiJyptbXBtM Click here PDF
A. 24 “Pi-Lo” SMART WATER ATM Technology Commercialized/ Implemented
Patent filed : Patent Application Number 201611012553
Patent granted : No
Water Cost : 4.00
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=oWH7Y7HLCJ8 Click here PDF
A. 25 GEH 102 Granular Ferric Hydroxide Technology Commercialized/ Implemented
Patent filed : No
Patent granted : No
Water Cost : 4.00
-- Click here PDF
A. 26 Bharti Nano Fluoride Removal Technology by Online dosing SKF-281164- A & SKF-281164-B Technology Commercialized/ Implemented
Patent filed : No
Patent granted : No
Water Cost : 1.00
-- Click here PDF
A. 27 SCS 10K Disinfection Chemical of 7,000 PPM and 10,000 PPM Technology Commercialized/ Implemented
Patent filed : No
Patent granted : No
Water Cost : 1.00
-- Click here PDF
A. 28 Low cost Non-Electric Water Purifier for Arsenic removal Technology Commercialized/ Implemented
Patent filed : Patent Application Number 477/DEL/2009
Patent granted : No
Water Cost : 60.00
-- Click here PDF
A. 29 AQUAFIL Portable Water Purifier Technology Commercialized/ Implemented
Patent filed : No
Patent granted : No
Water Cost : 1.00
-- Click here PDF
A. 30 Bharti-Senco Iron cum Arsenic removal unit for hand pump, tubewell and over head tanks for water supply scheme Technology Commercialized/ Implemented
Patent filed : No
Patent granted : No
Water Cost : 1.00
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvLrya6_0-k Click here PDF
A. 31 Bharti-Senco Iron removal unit for hand pump, tubewell and over head tanks for water supply scheme Technology Commercialized/ Implemented
Patent filed : No
Patent granted : No
Water Cost : 1.00
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNwPwH8lsCA Click here PDF
A. 32 Providing sustainable fresh water sources by unlocking Water Veins - Jala Nadi Technology Commercialized/ Implemented
Patent filed : No
Patent granted : No
Water Cost : 2.00
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSXCntQO8JY Click here PDF
A. 33 Drinking Water Security in Villages by Kedia Farm Pattern Patented Underground Rainwater Harvesting Technology Commercialized/ Implemented
Patent filed : No
Patent granted : Patent Number 229617
Water Cost : 20.00
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGhQxy51ikQ Click here PDF
A. 34 Removal of pathogenic organism using hollow fiber membrane technology. Technology Commercialized/ Implemented
Patent filed : Patent Application Number Applied
Patent granted : No
Water Cost : 2.00
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B4YSNp3zqw Click here PDF
A. 35 Community Scale IITB Arsenic Filter Technology Commercialized/ Implemented
Patent filed : Patent Application Number 2336/MUM/2008
Patent granted : No
Water Cost : 0.00
-- Click here PDF
A. 36 EMRION - Nano Technology water treatment for Fluoride, Arsenic and Heavy metal reduction with zero liquid discharge and double disinfection system (Pulsed UV and ozone) Technology Commercialized/ Implemented
Patent filed : Patent Application Number 90/CHE/2013 CBR: 207
Patent granted : No
Water Cost : 6.00
-- Click here PDF
A. 37 Nitrate Removal Plant based on nitrate selective ion exchange technology for removal of excessive Nitrate from Ground water from bore wells Prototype In Progress
Patent filed : No
Patent granted : No
Water Cost : 5.00
-- Click here PDF
A. 38 HAIX: Hybrid Anion Exchange Media based on Fe/Zr nano particles for removal of Arsenic & fluoride from ground water Technology Ready
Patent filed : No
Patent granted : Patent Number US 2013/0274357 A1
Water Cost : 5.00
-- Click here PDF
A. 39 CDI (Capacitive De-Ionization) PDF


S.No.Reference NoCategoryCompany NameBrief DescriptionOptionsUploaded DateDownload PDF
1 Disinfection technologies.
B. 1 W-000052 WATER Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd The Grundfos AQpure water treatment system produces potable water by filtering bacteria, viruses and particles from raw source water, providing a reliable and affordable water to the communities. The water treatment is based on ultrafiltration (UF) technology. Standardised treatment modules can be combined according to the specific raw water quality on site to deliver a complete water treatment unit. There are 11 different module options available with this unit which are briefed below. Self-cleaning pre-filter: The pre-filter comes with a mesh size of 100 micron. As such, it removes all bigger particles to protect the UF membrane and prolong service intervals. The pre-filter is automatically backwashed together with the UF membrane. The unit also includes a pressure sensor to initiate separate pre-filter backwash or signal that manual cleaning is needed. Standard UF membrane: The ultrafiltration membrane module consists of a hollow fiber, dead-end, outside-in membrane PVDF module with a pore size of 0.03 micron. The filtration is driven by a 1.1 kW Grundfos CRNE, stainless steel pump with a variable speed motor. The control strategy is parametric and automatically adapts to changing water qualities in order to prolong service intervals. Air scouring: The air scouring module enhances the efficiency of the UF membrane backwash by inducing air bubbles before the backwash. This physical cleaning of the membrane reduces chemical consumption and prolongs service intervals. The air scouring module is driven by a 0.75 kW compressor. The air scouring module also enables testing of membrane integrity by a semi-automatic pressure decay test. Chlorination: This module enables disinfection by adding chlorine to the treated water. This prevents bacteria or viruses from re-populating the water after treatment. The chlorination module also allows chemical-enhanced backwash to reduce biofilm growth on the membrane surface. The chlorine is dosed by a Grundfos SMART Digital dosing pump that includes an integrated flow meter to allow accurate flow proportional dosing. Internal CIP: This module enables chemical cleaning of the UF membrane when it cannot be cleaned hydraulically or physically. Chlorine is dosed into the closed circuit and circulated to dissolve fouling on the membrane. This automated procedure maintains water production capacity and prolongs service intervals. The CIP module utilises the chlorination module and a self-priming circulation pump. Level sensing: The level sensing module consists of an external level sensor which can be added to a locally sourced external water tank. The level sensor sends out an analogue 4-20 mA signal which is used to control the water production of the complete system. Activated carbon filter: The activated carbon filter performs final polishing of the treated water. The AC filter is used to remove certain chemicals, particularly organic chemicals, from the water. The AC filter is also used to remove substances that give water an objectionable odour or taste, such as hydrogen sulphide or residual chlorine. The module is backwashed and rinsed in an automated sequence. UV disinfection: The UV disinfection module can be added as a final disinfection step to protect water consumers against the risk of bacteria and re-growth of viruses. The 70 W UV lamp is designed for easy replacement with a minimum lifetime of 9,000 operating hours. The module includes a light intensity sensor which monitors that the lamp emits the specified UV dosage and sends a warning signal if it does not. Distribution: The distribution module allows the treated water to be pumped to an external storage tank. It is an automated process that uses the backwash pump. The module includes a mechanical measuring device which sends out a pulsed signal so that the total amount of produced water can be documented. Remote management: The remote management module connects the unit to an internet-based data management programme. The data management system provides real-time operational status of the connected systems. Warnings and alarm notifications can be broadcast as emails and text messages. Solar package: The solar package module enables solar power to reduce the operational cost of running the unit. The solar module includes a bi-directional inverter of 2,000 VA, 1,600 W with an integrated charge controller so that the unit can be powered by a combination of grid and solar power. The module also includes two 200 Ah gel batteries so that the unit can produce at least 6 m3 water on battery power. Technical Data: Water production - 0.5 to 2 m3/h Power supply -200-240 V, 1-phase, 50 Hz Control interface - PLC based 7" touchscreen Weight Empty - 400-615 kg; Filled: 750-1165 kg Dimensions - 1475 mm X 1464 mm X 2296 (L X W X H) Key Features: Easy to install Optimized adaptability Minimal downtime and optimal reliability Remote management Self-adaptive control 1 23/07/2019 3:15PM PDF
B. 2 W-000068 WATER AL-Aziz Plastics Pvt. Ltd. 1) Presto Online Chlorinator is a Water Chlorination device which works on a simple chemistry and does not require any electrical supply for its operation. 2) Presto Online Chlorinator is a specially designed product which can operate independently without human intervention and ensures optimum utilisation of chlorine tablet by disconnecting water contact during no supply. 3) The chlorinator is a single piece injection moulded product manufactured using WRAS Approved & NSF Tested (as per BS 6920) PE 100 Plastic which is a safe material to transmit water intended for Human Consumption. 4) The chlorinator does not have any mechanical or chemical joints and can withstand pressure of 5 Bar without any leakage. 5) The Chlorinator has a Chlorine processing unit with replaceable cartridges NSF approved Chlorine Tablets used for potable water which adds chlorine at constant rate and disinfects water in the distribution network. 6) The chlorinator can be installed above or below the ground level in horizontal or vertical position. In case the chlorinator is installed below ground level(in pit), the use of “ Electro Fusion Technology” ensures no ingress of ground water in the chlorinator and hence avoid contamination. 7) The chlorinator is warranted for a life cycle of 5 years, however it can be in operation till the life cycle of distribution network (10-15 years). 8) The chlorinator is maintenance free. 9) The design of Presto Online Chlorinator is registered against design no : 320045 1 17/08/2019 12:35PM PDF
B. 3 W-0000225 WATER SVS AQUA TECHNOLOGIES CDD 5000 Is our brand Name/ Trade Name for Chlorine Dioxide Powder . There are 2 Component - Component A Contains (Basic Chemicals which is SODIUM Chlorite) & Component B Contains (blends of Acidic Chemicals) water then Chlorine Dioxide solution of 3000 ppm To 12000 ppm. Pre -Determined quantity of chemicals are added to water which Produced. 1 05/11/2022 12:20PM PDF
B. 4 W-0000159 WATER SHREE CHLORATES, PROP. ZENITH ELECTROCHEM PVT. LTD. DOUBLE O2 , is our brand name for CHLORINE DIOXIDE POWDER. There are 2 chemical components A ( Basic Chemical which is SODIUM CHLORITE )( Mfgr. by us ) and B ( Activator chemical ). When known quantity of both the chemicals are mixed along with water then CHLORINE DIOXIDE SOLUTION of 3000 PPM to 12000 PPM , can be made. The concentration can be changed by adding water. 1 10/09/2020 12:46PM PDF
B. 5 W-0000182 WATER Inwasol India REDO Disinfection Systems use • water • pure common salt • and energy to produce the six strongest disinfection agents on site within the customers´ premises. The unique combination of the advantages of ozone, chlorine dioxide, chlorine and oxygen supported through dihydrogene dioxide and sodium hydroxyde results into an insuperable ‘multi-barrier disinfection process’ – with the final removal of bacteria, germs, spores and other harmful vermins. The disinfection solution is biodegradable, non-hazardous in operation and without dangerous side effects or by-products. REDO Disinfection Technology combines and accumulates the power of six disinfection agents to exceptional short contact time with an outstanding long-term effectiveness. Different disinfection agents fight different microorganisms - the REDO combination of disinfection agents is most effective and avoids the disadvantages of high dosing of a single active ingredient. 1 29/07/2021 5:04PM PDF
B. 6 W-0000175 WATER Helioz global Service Pvt Ltd. WADI is a solar powered UV measurement device that visualizes the process of solar water disinfection (SODIS) in PET or Glassbottles. It is placed alongside bottles that are filled with contaminated water and exposed to the sun. Once the process is completed, a smiley face on the WADI confirms that the water is safe to drink. WADI is endorsed by the WHO, meeting its microbiological performance criteria and is classified for providing targeted protection. 1 18/02/2021 10:07AM PDF
B. 7 W-0000181 WATER Sre Senthil Engineering Company (SENCO) Silver Ions Ag2+ are produced from 99.9% pure Silver Electrodes by passing a calculated amount of current. This is produced according to the setup in the control panel, which in turn is as per actual flow. The entire water from the pump is made to flow through the electrode chamber ONLINE where it gets totally silver ionized. How it works? Silver ions produced in our system are positively charged and micro-organisms are negatively charged. There is an attraction between silver ions and micro-organisms. The silver ions disable the enzyme that micro-organisms depend on to breathe and thus kills them. Silver is effective because of its capabilities of interfering with DNA production and accelerating the death phase of bacteria and viruses. Because of the charge in ions, they repel each other and are always in suspension. As their size is small, they have a large surface area of silver per unit volume of silver. This small size with its large surface area to volume ratio enables the surface chemistry of silver. Unique features: Fool proof and reliable(starts when pump is switched ON) Longer residual effect (for about 48 hours) No carcinogenic by-products Instant tests using field test kits Online stainless steel water chambers Light weight and compact Wall mountable Kills bacteria and algae No smell No change in taste Dosage well within WHO,EPA and BIS limits No corrosion, hence longer life Cheap running cost CSIR NEERI, Nagpur appraised technology 4 18/06/2021 3:36PM PDF
B. 8 W-0000177 WATER HISAFE GLOBAL (A Division of Hisafe Electronics Corporation) REGISTERED PARTNERSHIP FIRM Technology relates to an innovative chlorinator for drinking water disinfection It prevents outbreaks of waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, hepatitis, etc. by killing all water borne bacteria and viruses thus makes drinking water safe. It is used for disinfection of drinking water supplied by Municipal Corporations/Water Supply Departments to public and is installed directly on the main supply pipe before the Overhead/Elevated Service Reservoirs/Tanks using unique mechanism. Thus all water passing through it is chlorinated at pre-set levels of 1-2 ppm and is safe, since microbial growth cannot take place. 1. HISAFE-MULTAN non-electrical, universal size chlorinator device is a reliable and maintenance free device for disinfection of drinking water. It chlorinates water automatically and continuously at WHO recommended level of 1-2 ppm when filled with chlorine releasing granules. Continuous chlorination kills all bacteria and viruses and prevents microbial growth in water thus making it safe for drinking. 2. Non-electrical - Device works on a patented mechanism using critically controlled mechanical valves to deliver desired levels of chlorine in water, without use of any electricity at all. 100% savings of electricity. 3. Easy operation- No dedicated technical operator needed as device is easy to operate and safe. 100% savings of technical manpower. 4. Universal size- Unlike pre-existing devices which come in different sizes for different pressures and volumes of water, the present device is UNIVERSAL i.e. single size covers wide range of pressures and volumes of water to be disinfected. Easily works at high pressure heads of 120-150 meters or more where all other existing chlorinators fail. Successful at even 25 bar pressure. 5. Maintenance free- no moving parts or motors or electrical parts which can breakdown or need replacement after some time. Life is more than 10 years. 6. Wastage free- chlorine supply stops when water supply stops and starts when water flow starts. Thus wastage is zero and risk of overdosing is also eliminated, since chlorination only takes place when water flows. 7. Safe to use- Product uses food grade approved plastics and non-corrosive food grade stainless steel. Uses NSF approved chlorine granules for drinking water which add chlorine to water at WHO approved levels of 2 PPM for safe disinfection of water and supply lines. 8. Chlorinator is attached above ground to water supply pipe and has metal cage with locking system for protection. 9 Product comes with full warranty of 5 years and can be in operation till life cycle of network viz. 10-15 years. 10. Product is innovative and marks technology breakthrough worldwide in area of economical and reliable disinfection for drinking water safety. NO SUCH PRODUCT WORLDWIDE as evident from grant of UTILITY PATENT to the product by Indian Patent Office, PATENT NO. 255796. 1 22/03/2021 9:52PM PDF
B. 9 W-0000183 WATER Inwasol India REDO Mobile Water Disinfection Services concept: For smaller water volumes of e.g. 10 m3 – 100 m3 per day and especially for the Indian market a new concept for “Mobile Water Disinfection Services” has been developed: In this concept the customer only receives a simple dosing station and is regularly supplied with the REDO disinfection liquid, which is filled into this dosing station, out of which the liquid is than dosed automatically into the water. A nearby containerized REDO production plant produces the disinfection liquid and delivers the liquid to the customers. • “Mobile Water Disinfection Services” can be build up for different kinds of project clusters, in all cases served over one local REDO production plant: o e.g. for the supply of several villages in rural areas with smaller water volumes o e.g. for schools, hospitals, public buildings or railway stations in one cluster area • Over this concept, entities with smaller water volumes do not have to install, operate or maintain a full water disinfection plant on their own. “Mobile Water Disinfection Services” are a “Full Services Concept”. About REDO disinfection liquid: Broadband Water Disinfection through the „Power of Six“: REDO® Disinfection combines six active disinfection agents to a broad spectrum of efficacy, broader than any single oxidant disinfection method. Different disinfection agents fight different microorganisms. The unique combination of the advantages of ozone, chlorine dioxide, chlorine and oxygen supported through dihydrogene dioxide and sodium hydroxyde results into an insuperable ‘multi-barrier disinfection process’ – with the final removal of bacteria, virus, protozoa, algae, fungi, spores and other harmful vermins. Main benefits: • Strong disinfection effect: Highly effective and safe water disinfection – fighting also difficult germs like e.g. legionella, pseudomonas, multi resistant bacteria, chlorine resistant microorganisms • Long residual effect: Due to the long term depot effect, water will stay germ-free in the pipe network for days + avoidance of germ intake into the system through water taps, leakages, etc. • Effective against biofilms: Elimination of biofilm in the piping system as source of permanent recontamination • Minimized disinfection by-products • Totally safe, no handling or storage of hazardous substances • No smell or taste of chlorine • Cost effective and environmental friendly 1 30/07/2021 3:36PM PDF


S.No Technologies Details
C. 1 Disinfection of Drinking Water by Chloride Dioxide #ref : Page 14
C. 2 Disinfection of Drinking Water by Elector chlorinator #ref : Page 14 ,  Page 15
C. 3 Disinfection of Drinking Water Swachh Village Water Disinfection #ref : Page 13
C. 4 Electrolytic De-fluoridation System #ref : Page 31
C. 5 Reed beds for treatment of sewage and contaminated water #ref : Page 30 ,  Page 33
C. 6 Electrolytic De-fluoridation Plant (EDF Plant),NEERI Technology #ref : Page 31
C. 7 Activated alumina is used to removed heavy metal ions & other harmful contaminants in waste water #ref : Page 23 ,  Page 131 ,  Page 133
C. 8 Slow Sand (Bio-sand) Filtration #ref : Page 62 ,  Page 71
C. 9 Upward flow sand filtration #ref : Page 6
C. 10 Upgradation of existing WTP based on rapid gravity sand filter. #ref : Page 6
C. 11 Continuous backwash of sand filter, recycling & continuously cleaning of filter media #ref : Page 6
C. 12 Fluoride removal by Ion Exchange Resin #ref : Page 25
C. 13 Arsenic removal by Ion Exchange Method #ref : Page 49
C. 14 Iron removal by Ion Exchange Method #ref : Page 90
C. 15 Removal of heavy metal by Ion Exchange Resin. #ref : Page 129
C. 16 Fluoride Removal by RO & Nanofilteration #ref : Page 29
C. 17 Iron, Manganese & Arsenic Removal by membrane techniques #ref : Page 50
C. 18 AQUA-EDF: Electrolytic Fluoride Removal Plant technology #ref : Page 31
C. 19 Water Treatment using Ultra Filtration #ref : Page 69
C. 20 Air Dehumidification & Condensation #ref : Page 110
C. 21 Water Siphone PDF
C. 22 Chlorine Dioxide for disinfection of drinking water in powder in two compound i.e. compound “A” and compound “B” forms of minimum 6000 ppm strength PDF
C. 23 Watsan Natural Terafil Water Purifier PDF


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